Taste the Local


On March 4, 2019, Cradle Coast Tourism will launch its "Taste the Local" marketing campaign, which celebrates the many food and beverage experiences across the Cradle Coast. The campaign consists of photos, videos and editorial pieces that will be promoted through social media advertisements to Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney as well as through organic content. The campaign focuses on teaching people how they can be a local: experiencing markets and restaurants, and also how to meet the local: through interactive experiences and authentic engagements with producers.

The campaign aims to celebrate the Cradle Coast's point of difference: a laid back lifestyle with access to some of the state's finest food and beverage.

Marketing material will be delivered throughout the campaign, which runs from March through to May. In addition to digital online advertisements, a partnership between Share Plate, the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail and Cradle Coast Tourism has allowed for a feature in the latest Share Plate printed magazine, as well through their social media platforms.