About our wildlife...


The ancient super-continent, Gondwana, lives on in contemporary Tasmania. Giant cave spiders, tiny galaxias fish and such plants as man-ferns and nothofagus can be linked back to the landmass that started to break into pieces about 360 million years ago. One of the pieces, Tasmania, is a last refuge of several mammals that once roamed the Australian continent. It is the only place to see a Tasmanian devil in the wild and it is the best place to see the eastern quoll (native cat) and the spotted-tail quoll (tiger cat). Small marsupials, like the bettong and the barred bandicoot, have been lost to most of continental Australia but are common in parts of Tasmania. The contemporary wildlife story includes struggles to save such endangered species as the Tasmanian devil, the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, the orange-bellied parrot and the swift parrot.

Our own Narawntapu National Park just 30 minutes from Sails on Port Sorell Boutique Apartments boasts abundant wildlife in a beautiful easy accessiable coastal haven.

The Tasmanian devil and other native species can be seen in wildlife parks including Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoodoo Wildlife ParkTasmanian Devil UnzooWings Wildlife Park, Tasmania Zoo, Trowunna Wildlife Park and East Coast Natureworld.